Styles for you

The tuxedo (in short a tux) – accompanied with a tie as well as an optional vest is a semi-formal or formal suit. The shirts are usually chosen to be white – this is the classical tuxedo suit with lapels that may be worn for weddings, proms and other events where elegance is required. Tuxedo Wearhouse does carry different styles as well as a wide selection of vests that match your needs.

The style of tuxedos depends on the time of the day the event happens as well as the kind of ceremony you are attending. There are various types of Tuxedos suits designed for special occasions as it is important to be dressed according to the attended event. Choosing the right tuxedo for you does not only depend on the event you attend but also on your physique. Since our staff has been trained well and has the experience of fitting lots of customers, we can give you the input to chose the best style that fits your needs. But we do not want you to worry about the costs because you should enjoy your event- therefore we rent all tuxedos for one low price: $42.00*.

We are also renting out suits for one low price: $52.00*. We have a wide choice and you should check them in our store!

*This offer is subject to change without prior notice and to prior sale of stock.

This is a small selection of available vests. Please come in and see wide variety of matching vests and accessories. We are located in Orem, nearby to Provo. We are serving the whole state of Utah.